What is a Sprinkle ?

A sprinkle is a nutritionally dense seed-based seasoning used to add flavour, texture and visual beauty to any prepared meal.

Our savoury sprinkles are usually 80% highly nutritious superfoods like sesame, sunflower, pumpkin or coconut mixed with a Cheeky array of spices. This creates the perfect combination of flavour and healthy goodness that can be added on top of everyday meals like soups, salads, stir-frys or even sushi.

Like we say – A Sprinkle A Day, Keeps The Bland Away!

How to use a sprinkle?

Think of salt and pepper upgraded! Forget seasoning and personalising your meals with salt, pepper or chilli flakes – they are usually one-dimensional and do not add any nutritional benefits to your meals.

Sprinkles are the new way to season your meals. Not only are they world cuisine-based blast of flavour i your mouth – they come with the additional benefits of varied texture (provided through a range of crushed roasted seeds, spices and herbs) and improved nutrition (our savoury sprinkles are 80% superfood based).

So simply take a pink of sprinkle in your fingers and season away your favourite meals. The best part is everyone can add as much or as little to their plate, based on their personal taste preferences.

How are sprinkles different to seasonings?


Sprinkles are a mix of crushed seeds, herbs, and spices.
Seasonings on the other hand are just a mix of salt, herbs and spices.

Sprinkles add texture, taste, and nutrition to your favorite meal.
Seasonings mostly just add a nutritionally empty taste to food.

Sprinkles are used on top of a prepared meal, so they are a great way of personalizing your own plate
Seasoning are used during the process of cooking food, so it cannot be modified for personal taste preference.

We like to say Sprinkles are Seasoning Elevated and Upgraded!

What are the advantages for a chef to use sprinkles ?

There are many key advantages for both chefs at restaurants, hotels and foodservice –

  1. The easiest way to season your meals. Imagine a big pot of plain pumpkin soup. Turn this into Thai soup but simply sprinkling a pinch of Coconut Thai Sprinkle. Or give it a Japanese twist with our Japanese Sesame Shichimi Togarashi.
  2. Takes away the hard work of creating seasonings from scratch. Leave the tedious part of properly measuring and mixing 10 different spices to create your own seasonings. With our sprinkles you always get the guaranteed right proportions, mixed in the right manner handy in your kitchen. Simply take a pinch and sprinkle on! Perfect Every Single Time!
  3. Make your meals nutritionally dense. With our guarantee of at least 80% superfood base, our sprinkles are nutritionally dense and a great way of improving the overall health profile of your prepared meal
  4. Eliminate allergens from your dishes. Here at Cheeky we are committed to provingin allergen friendly options to our customers. Take our sesame free Shichimi togarashi or Nut Free Dukkah – all the great flavours, none of the allergens. With guaranteed allergen free status from our BRC AA manufacturer, you can be assured of allergen management in your kitchen and make your meals more accessible to customers with allergies.

What dishes can use a sprinkle ? 

Ahhh our favourite kind of question! Think any prepared meal and think Sprinkles!
Some of the easiest ideas would be –
Japanese Shichimi Togarashi on sushi
Miso Soup Sprinkle on a hot pot of miso soup
Coconut Thai Sprinkle on a steaming platter of pad thai
Seed based Dukkah on a freshly made salad.

Let your imagination run wild with our Savoury Sprinkles!
Right from a simple and black bowl of plain white rice to a plate of Japanese Udon noodles – our sprinkles are versatile across dishes and cuisines.

What are some of the best selling Cheeky Sprinkles ?
It wouldn’t be Cheeky if we didn’t mention our favourites!

  1. Japanese Shichimi Toagrashi as one of the most versatile japanese sprinkles. Best part is that it is British manufactured with sustainably sourced Scottish Seaweed.
  2. Coconut Thai Sprinkle – This one is usually love at first bite for most chefs. There are rumours that it is often enjoyed straight on a spoon, but we are not in a position to confirm or deny that!
  3. Sesame Free Shichimi togarashi – As more chefs and restaurants are catering to allergen friendly options, our sesame free shichimi is finding a lot of demand as an alternative to traditional togarashi. All the flavour of Shichimi with none of the Sesame!

Sprinkles have been consumed in traditional cultures like Indian and Japanese for centuries. They are a great way of preservation of seeds and nuts that can be used throughout the year in an interesting and flavourful way!

Here at Cheeky, we are committed to bringing these traditional sprinkles into the 21st century with flavours of the world in the hands of the chefs in UK !

Good Food. Naughty Flavours! 100% Cheeky!

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Frequently Answered Questions

What are Sprinkles ?

Sprinkles are seasoning mixes of superfood seeds, spices and herbs that are an easy way to add flavour, texture and nutrition to everyday meals.

While a spice mix is usually used during cooking, sprinkles are ready to eat and can be added on top of finished meals to improve the flavour and visual impact of the dish.

A Sprinkle a day keeps the bland away. Sprinkles can be your chef’s new best friend to quickly add layers of flavour to a base recipe.
For example, the same base soup can be flavours with a Coconut Thai Sprinkle or a Japanese Shichimi Sprinkles creating two completely unique end dishes.
Our sprinkles are also premixed in the right proportions to cut down cooking time for your kitchen staff.

We only use BRC certified suppliers and contractors for our entire supply chain.
We also do positive release for evert batch produced ensuring full quality assurance.

Yes. With 5 years of development experience for some of the leading food manufacturers and restaurant chains across UK.
We can take your sprinkle/seasoning brief from an idea to samples and finally to production.
Please see more here

We take approximately 4 weeks for our bespoke service.
This includes collecting brief, creating 2 bespoke sprinkles and fine tuning your preferred one to a final recipe.
Of course, based on any specific requirements like specialised ingredients or delays in feedback can make the process longer.
Please see more details here

We usually take 4 weeks from acceptance of purchase order to delivery.
If your lead times are shorter, please do discuss this with us.

All our products are Nut Free. We offer Allergen Free alternatives to some of the usual commercial ingredients like our Gluten Free Crispy Fried OnionSesame Free Togarashi and Nut Free Dukkah.
To see our full range of allergen free opliions, please see here