The Secret Ingredient: How Sprinkles Can Transform Your Menu

In the culinary world, innovation and creativity are key ingredients to success. At Cheeky Foods, we believe that sometimes the smallest addition can make the most significant impact. It’s the little attention to detail that can take your plate of food from whoa to wowzaaa!

That’s where our range of vibrant sprinkles and food toppings come into play, offering an exciting twist to traditional dishes.

So, how can these small playful touches transform your menu?

Adding a Pop of Colour and Flavour

Sprinkles aren’t just for desserts anymore! Imagine a sprinkle of our colourful toppings on a plate of white rice, transforming it from a simple dish into a visual and flavourful masterpiece. Our range, already used in establishments like Wagamamas, can enhance the appeal of even the most sophisticated dishes.

Elevating Customer Experience

In the hospitality sector, it’s all about the experience. A dash of our unique sprinkles on a dish not only elevates its taste but also its presentation, making it Instagram-worthy. This can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and encourage social sharing, boosting your restaurant’s visibility.

Versatility Across Cuisines

Our sprinkles and food topppings are not limited to one type of cuisine. Whether it’s a classic British burger using our gluten free crispy fried onions, an exotic platter of sushi using our blush pink sesame seeds, or a fusion experiment of wok fried noodles using our Japanese Shichimi Togarashi, our Cheeky sprinkles can seamlessly blend in, adding that extra ‘oomph’ to every bite.

Health Conscious and Flavourful

Today’s diners are increasingly health-conscious, and at Cheeky Foods, we’ve got this covered. Our sprinkles are not just about taste and aesthetics; they’re packed with nutritional value too! With a base of at least 80% healthy seeds, they make an excellent choice for health-focused menus. Imagine seasonings but with all the goodness of seeds.

Easy and Efficient for Chefs

In a fast-paced kitchen, efficiency is crucial. Our sprinkles are a quick and easy way for chefs to add complexity and depth to their dishes without the need for additional prep time. This can significantly streamline kitchen operations, especially during peak hours.

Our products are especially handy at quick meal serve chain restaurants where chef across the country want to create the same dish and same experience for customers. Chefs can focus on creating their magic with the wok, and leave the tasty sprinkles to Cheeky!

Customisation for Your Unique Needs

Understanding that each restaurant has its unique flair, Cheeky Foods offers bespoke sprinkle development. We collaborate closely with chefs to create custom blends that perfectly align with their menu’s theme and taste profile. Read our case study at Itsu to see how we helped transform their menu using our sesame free togarashi.

The Cheeky Touch

At the heart of Cheeky Foods is Swati, our founder, who infuses her passion and expertise into every product. Her hands-on approach ensures that each sprinkle and enhancer we produce meets the highest standards of quality and innovation. Having grown up in India with a variety of podis (Indian sprinkles), she understands the versatility and impact of a simple sprinkle in transforming the simplest of dishes.

Incorporating Cheeky Foods’ sprinkles and food enhancers into your menu is more than just adding a new ingredient; it’s about embracing a new perspective on culinary creativity. It’s an opportunity to stand out in a competitive industry, delight your customers, and keep them coming back for that unique Cheeky touch.

By embracing these small but impactful additions, your restaurant can deliver unforgettable dining experiences that keep guests coming back for more. Cheeky Foods is more than just a supplier; we’re your partner in culinary innovation.

So, why not sprinkle a little magic onto your dishes and watch as they transform from ordinary to extraordinary? Let’s make every dish a conversation starter! Contact us to start this conversation!

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Frequently Answered Questions

What are Sprinkles ?

Sprinkles are seasoning mixes of superfood seeds, spices and herbs that are an easy way to add flavour, texture and nutrition to everyday meals.

While a spice mix is usually used during cooking, sprinkles are ready to eat and can be added on top of finished meals to improve the flavour and visual impact of the dish.

A Sprinkle a day keeps the bland away. Sprinkles can be your chef’s new best friend to quickly add layers of flavour to a base recipe.
For example, the same base soup can be flavours with a Coconut Thai Sprinkle or a Japanese Shichimi Sprinkles creating two completely unique end dishes.
Our sprinkles are also premixed in the right proportions to cut down cooking time for your kitchen staff.

We only use BRC certified suppliers and contractors for our entire supply chain.
We also do positive release for evert batch produced ensuring full quality assurance.

Yes. With 5 years of development experience for some of the leading food manufacturers and restaurant chains across UK.
We can take your sprinkle/seasoning brief from an idea to samples and finally to production.
Please see more here

We take approximately 4 weeks for our bespoke service.
This includes collecting brief, creating 2 bespoke sprinkles and fine tuning your preferred one to a final recipe.
Of course, based on any specific requirements like specialised ingredients or delays in feedback can make the process longer.
Please see more details here

We usually take 4 weeks from acceptance of purchase order to delivery.
If your lead times are shorter, please do discuss this with us.

All our products are Nut Free. We offer Allergen Free alternatives to some of the usual commercial ingredients like our Gluten Free Crispy Fried OnionSesame Free Togarashi and Nut Free Dukkah.
To see our full range of allergen free opliions, please see here