The Art of Garnishing: Mastering Presentation with Sprinkles

Garnishing is not just an afterthought in meal preparation – it’s an art form that enhances the visual appeal and complements the flavour of dishes.

Whether sweet or savory, a well-chosen garnish can transform the simplest dish into a culinary masterpiece. In this blog article we explore the techniques and styles of using sprinkles as garnishes that will impress any diner.

Understanding Garnish Choices

The choice of garnish should always complement the dish not only in flavour but also in appearance and texture. For savoury dishes, sprinkles such as Cheeky Food Company’s Japanese Shichimi Togarashi, that add a burst of red coloured pepper flakes with the crunch of roasted sesame. Coconut Thai Sprinkle, with the crunch of roasted coconut balanced with the visual impact of dispersed dried herbs and chilli flakes, can transform a simple dish like squash soup to a complex visual and flavour profile.

For sweeter options, something like Coloured Sesame Seeds can add a playful touch to a bowl of simple vanilla icecream.

Techniques for Applying Sprinkles

The technique of applying sprinkles is crucial. Since our sprinkles are ready to eat, these can be added as a last touch to a plate of meal. For a delicate finish we recommend s slight scattering over the “plainer” portions of the food and the rest of the platter to create the most dramatic look.

For more impact and enhance flavour of the dish, larger pinches can be sprinkled directly by hand to create more texture and visual interest.

Timing is also important; adding them too early could lead them to become soggy or the colours to bleed.

Examples of Garnishing with Sprinkles

  1. Savory Dishes: Enhance a creamy soup with a sprinkle of Miso Soup Seaweed Sprinkle, or add a dash of Spicy Sesame Smoky Sprinkle with Paprika to a grilled steak to amplify its smoky flavour.
  2. Desserts: Transform a simple vanilla ice cream into an exotic treat with any of our options of three coloured sesame seeds:
    Pretty Pink
    Dark Green
    Bright Orange

Tailoring Garnishes to Cuisine

Understanding the cuisine and the specific dish is key to selecting the perfect sprinkle garnish. For example, Japanese dishes can be beautifully complemented with Japanese Salad Sprinkles, whereas a bowl of hummus would benefit from a dusting of our Pumpkin and Coconut Dukkah

Mastering the art of garnishing with sprinkles is about balancing aesthetics and flavour while being mindful of the dish’s composition and the dining occasion. With a little creativity and the right sprinkle from the Cheeky Food Company’s diverse range, every dish can be turned into a visual and gastronomic delight.

This simple yet effective technique elevates the dining experience, inviting diners to eat with their eyes first. Talk to us if you’re interested in our range and what it can bring to your dishes.

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Frequently Answered Questions

What are Sprinkles ?

Sprinkles are seasoning mixes of superfood seeds, spices and herbs that are an easy way to add flavour, texture and nutrition to everyday meals.

While a spice mix is usually used during cooking, sprinkles are ready to eat and can be added on top of finished meals to improve the flavour and visual impact of the dish.

A Sprinkle a day keeps the bland away. Sprinkles can be your chef’s new best friend to quickly add layers of flavour to a base recipe.
For example, the same base soup can be flavours with a Coconut Thai Sprinkle or a Japanese Shichimi Sprinkles creating two completely unique end dishes.
Our sprinkles are also premixed in the right proportions to cut down cooking time for your kitchen staff.

We only use BRC certified suppliers and contractors for our entire supply chain.
We also do positive release for evert batch produced ensuring full quality assurance.

Yes. With 5 years of development experience for some of the leading food manufacturers and restaurant chains across UK.
We can take your sprinkle/seasoning brief from an idea to samples and finally to production.
Please see more here

We take approximately 4 weeks for our bespoke service.
This includes collecting brief, creating 2 bespoke sprinkles and fine tuning your preferred one to a final recipe.
Of course, based on any specific requirements like specialised ingredients or delays in feedback can make the process longer.
Please see more details here

We usually take 4 weeks from acceptance of purchase order to delivery.
If your lead times are shorter, please do discuss this with us.

All our products are Nut Free. We offer Allergen Free alternatives to some of the usual commercial ingredients like our Gluten Free Crispy Fried OnionSesame Free Togarashi and Nut Free Dukkah.
To see our full range of allergen free opliions, please see here