Celebrating World Flavours: Global Sprinkles for International Cuisine Days

April is a month rich with culinary celebrations, featuring numerous international cuisine days honouring the diverse flavors and cooking traditions from around the globe. Restaurants and supermarkets have a unique opportunity to showcase this diversity through the use of specialised sprinkles, turning a simple meal into a festive international experience.

Italian and Japanese Cuisine Days: A Sprinkle of Culture

On Italian Cuisine Day, chefs can enhance dishes with sprinkles like a classic Italian herb blend, using basil, oregano, and sun-dried tomato flakes to bring a touch of Italy to pizzas, pastas, and salads. Conversely, Japanese Cuisine Day might see the use of nori flakes or Shichimi Togarashi from Cheeky’s range, adding depth to sushi rolls, noodle bowls, and even popcorn.

Linking Sprinkles to International Cuisines

Cheeky Food Company offers an array of sprinkles that can be woven into these celebrations. For instance, their Japanese Shichimi Togarashi and Yuzu Flavour Shichimi Togarashi are perfect for adding a spicy, citrusy kick to dishes, embodying the essence of Japanese flavour profiles. Our Spicy Sesame Smoky Sprinkle with Paprika can similarly elevate a simple grilled fish or a hearty stew with a smoky, spicy twist.

Special Menu Ideas for Cuisine Days

Restaurants can introduce limited-time offers like a “Taste of Tokyo” or “Roman Holiday” menu, featuring dishes sprinkled with these flavour-packed additions. Supermarkets can bundle these sprinkles with related ingredients, offering recipe cards to encourage shoppers to try new dishes at home.

Promoting Cultural Appreciation Through Food

By integrating these global flavours into their offerings, businesses not only cater to the palates of adventurous diners but also promote a greater appreciation of cultural diversity through food. This can attract a broader customer base and create memorable dining experiences that customers will seek out time and again.

Incorporating global sprinkles into menu offerings for international cuisine days provides a simple yet effective way for food businesses to stand out, celebrate cultural diversity, and offer customers an authentic taste of the world’s cuisines.

Incorporating such unique spice blends not only diversifies the menu but also educates patrons about the rich culinary traditions from around the world. For instance, during such cuisine days, interactive events like sprinkle-tasting sessions or cooking demos can engage customers further, creating an immersive experience.

Furthermore, the use of Cheeky’s Garlic Chilli Salt or the Japanese Salad Sprinkles can transform a simple side dish into a signature attraction. These offerings help restaurants and supermarkets not just serve food, but tell a story – a story of global connection and culinary delight.

Moreover, engaging with local communities by highlighting the sourcing of ingredients used in these sprinkles can amplify the sustainability narrative. For example, the Pumpkin Sunflower Seed Dukkah is a fantastic way to showcase how global ingredients can be sustainably sourced and used to support not only local economies but also environmental efforts.

In conclusion, the strategic use of global sprinkles for international cuisine days allows food businesses to capitalise on the excitement of discovering new flavors while adhering to ethical consumption principles.

It’s an opportunity to creatively integrate global culinary traditions into the local food scene, enhancing both the menu and the dining experience with every sprinkle. This approach not only spices up the menu but also positions the business as a culturally aware and innovative leader in the food industry.

Talk to us at Cheeky Food about our range of sprinkles and how they can help elevate your dishes and offerings.

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What are Sprinkles ?

Sprinkles are seasoning mixes of superfood seeds, spices and herbs that are an easy way to add flavour, texture and nutrition to everyday meals.

While a spice mix is usually used during cooking, sprinkles are ready to eat and can be added on top of finished meals to improve the flavour and visual impact of the dish.

A Sprinkle a day keeps the bland away. Sprinkles can be your chef’s new best friend to quickly add layers of flavour to a base recipe.
For example, the same base soup can be flavours with a Coconut Thai Sprinkle or a Japanese Shichimi Sprinkles creating two completely unique end dishes.
Our sprinkles are also premixed in the right proportions to cut down cooking time for your kitchen staff.

We only use BRC certified suppliers and contractors for our entire supply chain.
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Yes. With 5 years of development experience for some of the leading food manufacturers and restaurant chains across UK.
We can take your sprinkle/seasoning brief from an idea to samples and finally to production.
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We take approximately 4 weeks for our bespoke service.
This includes collecting brief, creating 2 bespoke sprinkles and fine tuning your preferred one to a final recipe.
Of course, based on any specific requirements like specialised ingredients or delays in feedback can make the process longer.
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We usually take 4 weeks from acceptance of purchase order to delivery.
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All our products are Nut Free. We offer Allergen Free alternatives to some of the usual commercial ingredients like our Gluten Free Crispy Fried OnionSesame Free Togarashi and Nut Free Dukkah.
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