Hey, we're Cheeky.
We make smashing sprinkles!

Our Cheeky Story







Launched at Selfridges as a "Hero Brand"

Expansion to 120 retailers

Launch with UK's biggest sushi manufacturer

Nationwide supply to Wagamama

Uk's first and only gluten & palm oil free fried onions

Further growth - Mochi, Rice Crackers & Sauces

Who are we?

We are Cheeky Food Co.! Since 2015 we have been making smashing condiments using all-natural ingredients and old cooking techniques. We believe that delicious food can be created with a handful of simple ingredients and some Cheeky fun!

After a successful time at retail for the initial 5 years of the business, we found ourselves hit hard during Covid when most of our 100 independent stockists across the UK were shut during the lockdown.

At the same time, we found a great fit for our Cheeky Sprinkles in the food service and hospitality industry where chefs could add a whole load of texture, flavour, and nutrition to their meals with just a sprinkle!

This was time for “The Great Pivot”. In 2020 and 2021 we threw ourselves into the farrows of business development and increased our range of sprinkles from 4 to 14 catering to some of the leading restaurants and manufacturers across the country.

Today Cheeky Food is proud supplier to some of the icons national restaurants and manufacturers across the UK, working each day with the simple moral – Good Food! Naughty Flavours! 100% Cheeky.

What Do we Do?

Once upon a time chefs across the country could only access basic ingredients to create all their spice seasoning Every day they measured, mixed, and seasoned their ready meals using the same old spices.

One day, Cheeky Food created savoury sprinkles – nutritious, delicious and so gorgeous looking (100% Instagram worthy). Because of that, chefs could focus on creating their recipes and simply seasoning their meals with Cheeky Sprinkles!

They had more time to work on the craft that they loved while Cheeky took care of the sprinkle toppers until, finally, chefs could simply send their sprinkle briefs to Cheeky. Chefs created the meals, Cheeky created the sprinkles and happy customers could enjoy delicious food every single time.

Founder Story

Hi, I am Swati.
I grew up in India in a large family of 45 & studied to be a Computer Science Engineer with a master’s in Mathematics. I moved to the UK in 2010 with my husband and 6-month-old daughter and found myself in a new land, with new people and new possibilities.

After dedicating 5 years of my life to raising our two daughters, I decided to bring my own family tradition and heritage to the condiment market of the UK.

I started Cheeky Food from my kitchen table as a post 8 pm project when I would immerse myself in the recipes of my grandmothers and aunties to create Cheeky deliciousness.

Soon the business grew and today, I find myself working with some of the most reputable UK businesses, while still looking after my three daughters – who I hope will one day carry forward the legacy of Cheeky Food.
All through these years of building Cheeky Food from the ground up, I stay true to my culture and values as a woman, a mother, and a 100% self-funded business – bringing the best possible recipes to my customers in the most efficient way possible.


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